Adam Rodgers

Project Manager

Adam retired from the Navy after 20 years of faithful service. As the systems expert, also known as the Flight Engineer, Adam managed 11 crew members to ensure the aircraft was safe for flight and everyone was aware of their duties in an emergency. When the aircraft returned from its mission Adam was responsible for post-flighting the aircraft and coordinating the maintenance actions with the maintenance department to fix any discrepancies and prepare the aircraft for the next mission. With an extensive background in leadership, determination, and teamwork, Adam strives for owner satisfaction throughout the entire construction process.
Adam has been involved in the construction since graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technician. He has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity. He spent 4 years leading a team of Sailors, on the weekends, helping the skilled craftsmen build those houses. Goal driven and eager to gain knowledge Adam focuses his energy toward getting a job done right the first time.