Childrens Inn

Sioux Falls, SD

Project Details
  • Project Date: 08/30/2021
  • Location: Sioux Falls
  • Category:
Project Description

Structural Steel – 23.06 tons of Fabricated and prime painted to consist of columns with anchor rods, beams with connections, tube beams, beam bearing embed plates and elevator hoist beam.

Metal Fab – Fabricated and prime painted to consist of window screen tube columns, steel pipe handrails for the interior stairs, picket rail for 2 stairs, Plate for wall top, elevator pit ladder, 2 bollards at trash enclosure and 4 bollards at OH doors.
• Fabricated and galvanized items to include window screen tube framing for 15 units and the grating and grating support angles with anchors for the 2 area wells.

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– Architect:

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