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P&M Steel is a custom steel fabrication company with a limited distribution center on site. We have been servicing the regional area around Sioux Falls, South Dakota since 1970. Our full staff of experienced engineers, estimators, detailers, and fabricators are here to get your next project
done right!


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The mission of P&M Steel is to provide excellent service to our customers and the community with dedicated employee-owners who will rise to any challenge.

P&M Steel Co. was founded in 1970 by Louis Profilet, a long time steel worker, in the backside of a machine shed in the Industrial Park in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Working hard to satisfy the demands of a growing steel construction industry, Louis’s new company quickly grew to encompass six buildings on the original surrounding 3.3 acres of land. P&M Steel Co. had earned the reputation of being an industry leader in the region by providing rebar, structural, and miscellaneous steel as well as products such as beams, columns, stairs, and rails.

In 1998, ten years after he began with the company, son of Louis, Tate Profilet, took over operations. In May of 2006, the company saw the opening of its new 50,000 square foot office and production facility which resides on 7.5 acres only 1.5 miles away from where the company began 36 years earlier. Today, P&M Steel Co. is an established full service steel fabricator serving in a 100-mile radius of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


 P&M Steel's Current Location - 54th & N Westport Ave

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